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Brussels, Belgium
Kenneth Bérard

Grant, Sponsorship and Community Investment Platform

Back in 2011, Optimy was formed out of an idea to streamline grantmaking for foundations. The research and development of Optimy started in February 2011. Between the years of 2012-2015, the software slowly became known when five continents around the world started using the Optimy solution. The grant management software expanded to involve community investment and sponsorship management, which lead to the trust of over 100 customers using Optimy. Over the next year, Optimy reached more and more people, doubling its customer base. Today, over 250 organisations spread across the world from Australia to North America, Japan, South Africa and Brazil, with the highest density in Europe. This rapid growth over the last couple of years is in part thanks to the importance Optimy has put on customer service. Giving every organisation using Optimy a Customer Ambassador to help them with everything they need, from implementation onwards. Optimy’s goal is to make people lives easier whilst empowering their impact.

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