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Chief Executive Officer

Paul Jackson



Toronto, Ontario



#1 CRM for Quickbooks


Method simplifies the unique way every small business gets their work done by empowering any company using QuickBooks to create an application completely customized for their business.


Method was conceptualized when its founder experienced the frustrations of a single one-size-fits all solution at his previous company, QXpress. Sadly some of Paul’s best customers would leave because they had unique needs the software couldn’t handle. At that point Paul declared “building out-of-the-box software for millions of small businesses with a one-size-fits-all mentality is lazy and outdated”. He knew there was a better way.


Paul eventually sold QXpress and set out to create a solution that accommodated the uniqueness of every small business without the enterprise level price tag. Since the day of Method’s inception in 2010, the goal of the team has remained – to simplify the unique way every small business gets their work done.

Method’s SaaS solution frees business owners from stringing together their operations across many different applications. The platform makes getting work done easier by integrating Method’s flagship CRM app with QuickBooks and numerous other customizable Method apps, which become tailor-made for each business through simple drag and drop tools.