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Chief Executive Officer

Will Anderson



Toronto, Ontario



Risk and Incident Management Software.


Resolver represents a union of two companies that are experts in risk management. In 2014, Klass Capital acquired PPM 2000 Inc., and soon after that acquired Resolver Inc. PPM 2000 is a leader in Incident Management. Resolver offers an acclaimed GRC suite of products. Together, they represent the risk backbone of 1000 organizations around the world.


Resolver protects what matters™. Its Integrated Risk Management platform supports the response and recovery process when an unplanned event does occur; including Incident Reporting, Incident Response and Investigations. Resolver also helps plan and prepare your organization to limit the likeliness or impact of events from occurring; this includes Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Control, Internal Audit and Compliance. Resolver’s team is comprised of security, risk and compliance experts supporting over 1,000 customers across 100 countries with offices in North America, United Kingdom and the Middle East.